Chi-town Bound!

I’m currently on my way to Chicago to start a 6 day adventure on my own. I’ve never been one to travel on my own but I’m starting to understand and appreciate the perks. You get a chance to decompress and take time for yourself.

In the last few months I’ve been struggling to keep fighting for my happiness and a sense of normalcy. Having an incredible relationship end in May has been one of the hardest things to deal with. Not because it’s painful, even though it has it’s moments, but because the emotions I feel from this breakup are all different. I’m sad for the obvious reasons, but I’m happy because he let me go to find someone who could truly make me happy. While being sad and happy is normal, I’m also glad because we’re still remaining friends. Despite what everyone else thinks, it’s possible and the opportunity to have it is so refreshing.

Following the break up I took some time to put myself out there and flirt with new things. In this process I realized I’m terrible at dating and could use a break to work on me. My philosophy on dating has changed and I’m running on the idea that I’ll be good at dating when I’m ready. It’s clear I’m not ready and I shouldn’t rush things. The handful of flings I had were good “trial” runs to get myself out there and as embarrassing as it might have been for me, I wouldn’t take them back.

So here I am, taking today to declare me time. I don’t know how long I’ll be here but through lots of advice from friends, I’m being selfish. I’m taking time to find myself and my passions. I’m crossing things off my bucket list and kicking skeletons to the curb. Windy city, I’m coming for you and I’m coming to kick some ass!